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* Vertical Climbing System *
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Fixing points in mm for Y-spar made of galvanised/stainless steel. Using a recommended mounting distance between brackets of 1.400mm up to a max. of 1.680mm.
Vertical Ladder

For design reasons the guide rail of the ladder must be reinforced if, at the end of the ladder run, the guide-rail rises more than 400mm above the last mounting bracket. Projections of more than 400mm withour extra reinforcement are not permitted. The SOLL guide rail reinforcement made of galvanised steel/stainless steel 50mm X 30mm X 3mm is bolted onto the guide rail from the back at a distance of 560mm and must extend down over at least two mounting brackets.
Following ladder section length are available upon request:
* 560mm
* 840mm
* 1120mm
* 1400mm
* 1680mm
* 1960mm
* 2240mm
* 4480mm
* Ladder length = 4480mm
* Rung distance = 280mm