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* LadderMate - Simply the Height of Safety *
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LadderMate applies mathematical principles to this problem. By preventing that downward force from going all the way down the stiles to the floor, it transfers most of it along the LadderMate itself back towards the wall. It therefore changes the force from downward and outward to downward and inward, in the process making the user the preventer of an accident instead of the cause of one.

There are several benefits to using LadderMate:
* Bullet Arrow * Considerably reduces risk of outward ladder slip.
* Bullet Arrow * Braces ladder to reduce the amount of flex or 'bounce' to make users feel more secure.
* Bullet Arrow * Increases the effective base of the ladder by forming a much larger trapezium - shaped base than with just the ladder itself. This gives more sideways stability.
* Bullet Arrow * Ensures that users erect the ladder at approximately the recommended angle. This will vary slightly depending on the configuration of the ladder.
* Bullet Arrow * Takes less than 5 seconds to fit. We recognised that people are reluctant to use safety equipment if it takes too long to install, especially if they are paid on a bonus basis.
* Bullet Arrow * Most importantly for employers, LadderMate costs less than a days pay for another person to foot the ladder and once bought it will last for years.

To use LadderMate is simplicity itself. The sections are designed to slot into each other and the unit is then placed over the bottom rung from the inside of the ladder. Pull the two parts outward until they are touching the inside of the stiles and that is it! Less than 5 seconds from start to finish. Full instructions are supplied with every unit. Models may vary from one part of the world to another. The product illustrated here is the non-UK model.

We decided the best way to prove that LadderMate does what we claim was by making a ladder dangerously unsafe and seeing if our product would prevent it slipping. So what we did was to attach some free-running wheels to the bottom of a ladder so that when it was leant against a wall it would just slip away by itself. When we attached LadderMate, we were able to safely climb the ladder - in fact three people went up it at the same time and it did not slip despite our best efforts to make it do so.