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* Permanent Freestanding Guardrail System *
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'Safe-t-Guard' Freestanding Guard-rail System Consisting of galvanised steel tubular rails, uprights (48.3mm dia.) and bases. The standard bases are 800 x 150 x 20mm and weigh 20kg. Each has a 280mm long angled socket welded 90mm from the leading edge, for location of the uprights. Bases at the end of a run weigh 50kg. This is achieved by adding two 600 x 150 x 20mm counter weights which straddle the rear of the standard base using a 320 x 65mm bridging plate, secured with a M12 bolt. All bases have ribbed rubber contact surfaces for improved "stiction" on the roof surface. Welded sockets mounted at the top (1.1m) and 0.5m from the top of the uprights, locate the horizontal rails.

A 6 metre run consisting of 3 x 2m spans was set up using a 6m length of rail. The bottom guardrail was set at a height of 0.6m from the test surface. The system was positioned on a flat concrete surface covered with mineral roofing felt to simulate a typical roof surface on which the system would operate in service.

A hydraulic jack and load cell set-up was used to test each loading point necessary. The three load points were:

* Bullet Arrow * A. Top rail at upright at end of 6m run.
* Bullet Arrow * B. Top rail at upright 2m from end of 6m run.
* Bullet Arrow * C. Top rail at mid-span of 6m run.
The loads to be withstood at each load point and permissible displacements from datum points were:
* Bullet Arrow * Load point A = 0.7 kN < 100mm
* Bullet Arrow * Load point B = 0.7 kN < 100mm
* Bullet Arrow * Load point C = 0.3 kN < 35mm
* Bullet Arrow * Load point C = 0.7 kN < 100mm (at manufacturers request, normally only 0.3 kN required for pass)
The object of testing was to ensure the system conformed to HSE Specialist Inspector Report No. 15 : 1988.

The 'Safe-t-Guard' Freestanding Guard-rail System conformed with the test requirements as detailed above, when tested at the NEL.

Certificate No. MPZA available on request.