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* ARIANA Horizontal Lifeline *
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Horizontal Lifeline System
* Bullet Arrow * Suitable for all installations at height including edge, ridge and perimeter roof installations
* Bullet Arrow * 8mm stainless steel cable - Breaking strength > 37kN
* Bullet Arrow * Up to 5 simultaneous users
* Bullet Arrow * Each installation custom designed
* Bullet Arrow * Patented intermediate brackets deform under load - providing shock absorbance to protect user and structure

Longlasting, Reliable Performance
* Bullet Arrow * Stainless steel used for all components
* Bullet Arrow * All installations and equipment meet or exceed British and European Standards and Health & Safety legislation, including:
- BS EN 795 (Certificate No. 9765559)
- BS EN 7883

Safety and Comfort
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Quick action traveller unit
* Bullet Arrow * Enables safe uninterrupted movement and hands-free operation
* Bullet Arrow * Allows attachment and detachment at any point along the lifeline
* Bullet Arrow * Slides smoothly over anchorage points
* Bullet Arrow * Keeps personnel comfortable and fully protected at all times
* Bullet Arrow * Has no moving parts - keeps maintenance to a minimum

Suitable for all types of buildings and structures
* Bullet Arrow * Can be used with surface mounted, chemical fixed or steel mounted intermediate posts
* Bullet Arrow * Solutions for all types of construction... including:
- Tiled or slated roofs
- Profiled metal roofing
- Standing seams
- Asphalt or single ply PVC roofing
- Concrete and brickwork
* Bullet Arrow * And all types of installation, including:
wall, ceiling, post, roof ridge, terrace, framework
* Bullet Arrow * Turn elements enable system to follow contours of virtually any structure
ARIANA Horizontal Lifeline

ARIANA Horizontal Lifeline

ARIANA Horizontal Lifeline